The Humane Tasking Initiative

How to bring tasks, time and your mind into harmony

Flowgency Task & Time Manager

To measure the speed of accomplishment of tasks involves measuring time. But who the heck is to say that time must run 24/7? Just let it stop and breathe. You will realize that it is not a loss but a win-win.

Everyone needs regular periods of truly uncounted, unmanaged and unexploited time for recreation. Imagine, then you can afford to multitask sequentially and even complete more than competitors who rush doing, maybe heading next burnout.

A software tool for task and time organisation, FlowgencyTM, allows for a transition. While enabling you to maintain tasks in parallel, and to do them really step by step, the tool inherently respects the times that you explicitly reserve for private life.

Get an impression

Browse the gallery of screenshots. You can also watch a video with an introduction and a little hands-on tutorial: english or german, 9:51 min. Both videos and screenshot gallery are somewhat outdated concerning the look of the interface, but the feel is much the same. To have a glance at the state of the art, just try the online demo.