The Humane Tasking Initiative

How to bring tasks, time and your mind into harmony

By the way

Here I want to publish articles to perepheral subjects around FlowgencyTM and self management in general.

The backstory of the project

by Florian Heß, June 21st 2016. Tags: FlowgencyTM

There is a plenty of task & time management tools to be discovered online. Either free or for charge, implemented as a webservice or installed locally, command line or graphical interface, large enterprise-scale project management or simple todo listers for individual use. There is lots and lots of stuff like that. So why I chose to implement yet another tool of that kind? read more

Why so much fuss about Big Data?

by Florian Heß, January 6th 2016. Tags: initiative

Clearly I could start up with a next big thing to "join now, for free" and have people give away their data, and have advertisers hook in and what not. People are becoming digital zombies, you know. However, I have a bad feeling at that and couldn't quite enjoy all the money that might or might not return. To be against Big Data, that is really to be against creeping technological subjugation of the free digital society as is conducted by politics and economy, but then pushing that kind of service would be quite pseudo, wouldn't it? read more