The Humane Tasking Initiative

How to bring tasks, time and your mind into harmony


FlowgencyTM is a task & time managing software I have been developping for several years now. Written for my own purpose in the beginning, today I present it to the world so it can be of use for other people, too.

There is a multitude of tools for this purpose. However, certainly not all (if any) that thoroughly elaborate but still simple for small- to lower mid-scale working environments.

The wow! key features of FlowgencyTM:

Mission: Fight seven myths

The tool is developped to do away with seven myths of business, leading to exhaustion of ourselves and the world around us. In my eyes, it is basically time that is needed, as nothing else will get you insight to finally do and work what is right. I know well that this is a tool only for the wisest and most courageous of the business class to downshift a gear or two. Those I want to ask not to save time, but to spend it wholeheartedly, thus to save future. How to do? Simply open yourself to insight, be present and patient.

In more detail

  1. Multitasking step by step, flow in urgency
  2. For whom is it suited exactly?
  3. What the tool demands of you
  4. What the tool gives you in return
  5. Task structure
  6. The time model
  7. User interface
  8. Server and backend
  9. Planned features