The Humane Tasking Initiative

How to bring tasks, time and your mind into harmony

A software tool against seven myths

If you support that the following slogans are myths, you are welcome to have a closer look and learn what FlowgencyTM is:

I. "Time is money!"

This is the short version of "To loose time actually means to loose money", but anyway, look my antithesis: "To take the time you need means to gain health, happiness and with some luck more money in the long run." You mean it is far beyond reality? Yes. It is a dream, just a vision, yet a positive one.

II. "Competitors never sleep!"

It is quite possible that among your competitors there are some poor guys who simply cannot sleep any more. They call it "burn-out", maybe carrying this term around like a trophy.

III. "Multitasking is a must in our business!"

The term multitasking has been coined by the computer industry, to point out that the central processing unit can switch between independently running processes on a quickly scheduled basis.

Our mind has neither multiple "cores" nor separate parcels of memory, nor a GHz-paced scheduler. Whoever did expand this term to cover human working style, could not have understood anything.

So, for humans, multitasking is actually multidistraction.

IV. "Big data is a key asset!"

First and foremost, big data is a big pile of problems when it comes to privacy, humaneity after all. Everyone using online services for whatever purpose could have to learn that bitter lesson yet.

While FlowgencyTM is based on a little backend webserver for technical benefit, thus theoretically enabling someone to gather sensitive data from everyone else, the software is open source. Instead of using an instance served online, sufficiently competent are able to install and use a local instance. To simplify installation for the end-user, is one of the main objectives on the roadmap.

However, there is nothing wrong in evaluating the software at a dedicated online service (with fictitious data), without having to install anything: Join and try it right ahead!

V. "This is a hat."

No, it is not a hat as most dumb adults would say, and perhaps some children as poor in spirit. At least those who did not read a certain book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. No, usual man, it is neither what you might think. And no, Little Prince, I am afraid it is not even an elephant swallowed by a boa constrictor.

Reveal it with a click: simply a sand glass that is laid down for a siesta. The running time is as interruptible as the mental time passes with varying speed. What the clock measures is just the time of social consensus. People forget that the social level is only the one between the cultural realm and everyone's sole privacy. All levels matter equally.

VI. "It is not about work/life balance, but work/life blend!"

A corporate identity guy of the German branch of a well-known U.S. software company said that once in TV. I do not name that company because I cannot find and cite the reference any more, otherwise I would not hesitate because it is utterly, embarassingly wrong in my eyes.

Anyway, who blends work and life, brings their private life into work, which seems to be a good thing at first. But in return, they pass control to the employer. Actually, in a subtle way, to do that is the end of souvereignty over the life part of life – sacrificed for the employer as a totalitary institution.

I am quite sure people will stand up against such practice someday. Time to do nothing worth exploiting should be a human right, indeed that this is not self-evident is preposterous. So, FlowgencyTM can be regarded as a tool for balancing productivity and non-productivity and to protect both in their respective right.

VII. "One tool fits all."

So do I question that. I will be happy about having spent years of nerdic engagement if the tool is used only by a couple of percent of the target group. The rest will use something different that fits them better. Which is why I link to other methods and software on the Join and try page.