The Humane Tasking Initiative

How to bring tasks, time and your mind into harmony

Join & Try

Glad you want to try FlowgencyTM. Feel free to register and see if you like the concept, if it proves right and matches your working style.

Important notes

  1. Whatever online public FlowgencyTM service you may choose (whether or not listed here), please make sure you submit only fictitious task and time model data.

  2. Once you decide to use FlowgencyTM with real data, please consider deploying your own instance locally with which you may do whatsoever in compliance with GNU general public license, version 3.

Pick your favourite

a) Following the master branch

b) Following other branches of the official repository

(none yet)

c) Selected variants and different flavours (forks)

(none yet)

New entries

If you have deployed yet another instance for the public, let me know. I will happily evaluate it and enter it where found appropriate.

Other tools and methods

Perhaps for you personally, FlowgencyTM is just not appropriate. Humans are different, and so are jobs and the ways how to manage them. Here is an incomplete selection of alternatives to which FlowgencyTM relates in a way, or which have been a source of inspiration in development.